Treating Varicose Vein Pain Effectively

Treating Varicose Vein Pain Effectively

If someone notices they have some blue or purple markings on the backs of their legs, they may be suffering from varicose veins treatments. If these markings are accompanied by frequent pain or inflammation, steps can be taken to alleviate these symptoms.

Varicose veins show up under the skin when the veins inside have difficulty circulating blood. There are some treatments available that will help with this condition. Many people will see a physician if they are suffering from pain from the condition. They will be able to evaluate the intensity of the blockage and will give recommendations on treatment options. A doctor could perform a surgery to remove the veins from the legs completely. They could also use laser treatments to redirect the blood into other veins so the blood circulates at a more constant rate.

Before getting medical treatment in this manner, the doctor may recommend the person tries alleviating the pain at home with habit changes. If they are overweight, losing a few pounds may help reverse the condition. Elevating the legs often can also take away some of the inflammation from the area.

If the person has a job where they sit or stand in one location for a long time, they may find it makes the symptoms worse. Walking around or moving the legs for several minutes can get the blood circulating, helping to make the condition feel less painful as a result. It is a good idea to wear non-restrictive pants or a skirt rather than material that clings to the legs. This will also help keep the blood from collecting in one area.

If someone decides to opt for medical treatment, they will enjoy not having to worry about pain after the procedure is conducted. A doctor would use effective methods in relieving pain with the best treatment for the condition they discover. The person may need to rest their legs a bit after having a surgical procedure so the veins will have a chance to heal within the body. The trade-off however is no longer having visible veins seen in the legs. The embarrassment of being seen with shorts or a shorter skirt would no longer be an issue as well. Finding a reputable physician that deals with the elimination of varicose veins is the best way to no longer need to deal with pain or discolored areas as a result of this condition.