Herbal Remedies For Cracked, Chapped And Dry Lips

Herbal Remedies For Cracked, Chapped And Dry Lips

Chapped or cracked lips is the term commonly used to define dry lips. Chapped lips can be instigated by a number of points, like the weather, extreme licking of the lips, & some medications.
Cracked lips is a very frequent problem which happens regularly for most human beings. However, certain people may suffer from a more severe form of chapped lips termed as Cheilitis. Cheilitis, which may be induced by an infection, is characterized by cracked skin at the ends of the lips.
Lips do not contain oil glands that exist in other parts of the skin. As a result, the lips are more receptive to drying out & turning chapped. Dearth of moisture can make the problem worse, whether it is climate-induced or related to a deficit of self-care. Dearth of humidity in the atmosphere during the winter months is acknowledged to lead to cracked lips.

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1) Honey
Honey has the power to heal almost anything, which includes cracked lips. Honey functions as an organic lip balm & moisturizes your lips with its strong antibacterial properties. Dab a little honey on your lips few times throughout the day, & prior to bed.

2) Sugar
It might not be excellent for your oral hygiene, but it is definitely an excellent remedy for cracked lips. Sugar aids in exfoliating defunct cells, at the same time restoring new ones back to their proper order.

3) Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera is a multi-purpose skin treatment. It can be used to relieve oneself of cracked lips as well. Keep a small portion of the gel over the impaired lips a few times through the day. It turns your lips properly moisturized, which allows the dryness to mend much faster.

4) Coconut Oil
The nutrients present in the coconut oil helps to moisturize the troublesome dryness, and softens the fractured portions of your lips.

5) Cucumber
They can diminish swelling in the eyes, & work wonders for flaky or dry lips. They are full of ascorbic acid, that prompts the generation of collagen.