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The New Pool Fencing Laws Will Help To Keep Your Family Safe

The New Pool Fencing Laws Will Help To Keep Your Family Safe

Pools are very popular in Australia for a great reason - the hot, sticky summers. Everyone in the family (and probably a friend or two) loves to jump in and take a dip to cool off. Pools are a big part of the outdoor lifestyle that's so important in Australia.

Pool Safety Laws in Australia

Pool safety laws are now in effect across Australia and will hopefully dramatically reduce the number of drownings, especially for children younger than 5. A child can drown in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

glass pool fencing newcastle and elsewhere is a significant part of the new regulations. The pool fencing requirements below are for New South Wales. Refer to local governments for the specific pool safety requirements in other states and territories.

NSW Pool Fence Measurements

The intent of these pool fence measurements is to prevent a small child from being able to squeeze under the fence, crawl through gaps in the fence or climb over the fence.

The requirements for Pool fencing Taree and elsewhere in NSW are:

1.2 metres high

No bottom gap larger than 10 cm

No gaps larger than 10 cm between any of the vertical bars of the fence

Any horizontal and climbable bars must be at least 90 cm apart

Diagrams detailing these and other measurements and pool safety information can be found in the "Pool Safety Booklet" available from NSW councils. If your pool doesn't meet these requirements, contact a licensed fencing contractor.

Prevent Children From Climbing the Pool Fence

A non-climbable zone of 90 cm must be maintained around a pool. Nothing that could assist a child in climbing, such as ladders, chairs, toys or a barbecue, is allowed within this non-climbable zone. This zone should include a 30 cm space cleared of possible climbing aids in front of the fence inside the pool area.

Doors or Windows are Not Allowed in a New Pool Barrier

New pools cannot have doors or windows included as part of the pool fencing or other barrier.

Some older pools may still have a door or window in their pool barrier.

A door in an older pool barrier must include these child-resistant features:

Self-closing and self-latching

The latching device must be at minimum 150 cm from the ground

There must be a 90 cm non-climbable zone that is above the floor by at least 120 cm

Opens outward from the pool

No pet doors

Windows must be prevented from opening more than 10 cm by a security screen or locking device.

Pool Gates

A pool gate:

Should shut and lock automatically from any position with no force being required

Must always be shut and never left open

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