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A Specific Example To Check Out Why Non-Custom Design Is Inferior To Custom Design

A Specific Example To Check Out Why Non-Custom Design Is Inferior To Custom Design

There is non-custom software and custom software, and both are widely used for varying results. The ethos of custom software is that it fits the design of the business. It is not trying to fit a rectangle into a square and hope for the best.

What does this mean in a tangible way? software outsourcing avoids disasters. The below example explains how, in its basic form, custom software is an advantageous and often necessary step for a web-based business.

A Clash in Inventory

The clash can play out in a myriad number of ways. To illustrate the point, take a look at the inventory. What does inventory tracking include in Software Development Melbourne? Firstly, the business will already have the inventory systems in place, but they will need to fit into a non-custom program. The pre-built program may not have space for the additional details the company already has in place. Inventory may have the product name, the product code number, the ISBN, the cost, the total in the main office, and the total in the warehouse.

The Fallacy of Non-custom Design

The above creates the framework for the inventory currently in place. Now, a non-custom program has only four available slots. So, what happens when the above data points are inputted is that the ISBN is added alongside the product code number. These two numbers are, obviously, vastly different. It then creates what is essentially an extended zip code (i.e a situation that looks like 12345-6789. The latter set of numbers are unneeded in conjunction with the product code number. They serve different needs. The product code number could be for the warehouse while the ISBN is for retail.

Regardless, the company has an expectation and design for their inventory. The non-custom program has an idea of how inventory should be set up. These two ideals can clash in silly ways to make for a complicated puzzle. The piece just may not fit.

Custom Software Development fits the current infrastructure of the business. It does not ask that a business conforms to the already established rules and design structure of the program. A custom Software Development Company is built around the company. It is not the other way around. This is, of course, how it always should be. The cost may be too high for many that want to get a program as cheap as possible. Unfortunately, this path leads to a clash of structure.