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Regular AC Maintenance At Reasonable Prices

Regular AC Maintenance At Reasonable Prices

Most of the time, you never know there is a problem with you air conditioner. That is, you don't know until it breaks down, stops working, and requires an expensive repair or even a total replacement. Why is this? It is because small problems such as wattage inconsistency, blockage in only one coil, or a single dirty filter is often undetectable during the daily operation of an air conditioner. Is there a solution, a way in which small problems are not allowed to become large, damaging, and expensive ones?

Fortunately, more and more HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning repair Conditioning) companies are offering a regular heating and air conditioning repair to make usre your unit, parts, and ventilation are in top shape and functioning well. Below are a list of the many advantages such services provide for homeowners.

Typical upkeep and maintenance packages are available for existing clients, as well as new clients for slightly more. These packages basic upkeep. The price is usually lower when such services are paid for before they must occur. The typical price ranges between $150 and $200.

A basic maintenance service covers the parts most likely to have problems or fail. It also includes unclogging condensate drains, clearing blocked filters, monitoring for and eliminating moisture, mildew, and mold, and clearing away leaves and other debris that has built up around the outdoor unit.

For a little extra money, these services can be expanded. Premium maintenance includes attention to multi-split, extra fancoils, main coil cleaning, and anti corrossive protection. They will also check other systems for voltage and wattage variances, alignment, and calibration. With premium service, each electrical and mechanical component of the air conditioner is analyzed, maintained, and repaired.

Most service calls can be completed in less than an hour, barring a major problem or need for part replacement. Typically, low- to medium-level maintenance jobs lasting between 20 and 45 minutes.

Maintenance does not necessarily include diagnostic services. However, these can be provided at a slightly higher fee. Diagnostic services are used for fault-finding in the circuitry, controls, filtration, and mechanics of your air conditioner. Diagnostic services typically cost between $200 and $250 dollars.

Air conditioning maintenance professionals recommend that you get your system checked at least once a year, or twice a year for units that are heavily used or in climates with extreme weather changes.

Finding the best air conditioning service involves comparison shopping. Simply looking for the best price does not usually get it done, because lower priced packages may not include certain types of maintenance or diagnosis. For more information about these packages, look to sites like air conditioning service.