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Tips For Keeping Cats With Your Yard

Tips For Keeping Cats With Your Yard

America has a serious cat overpopulation problem. This leads to a lot of stray cats -- and they all seem to wind up fouling up your lawn and garden. Calling the animal control services is not a viable option since there are always more stray cats to take the place of the removed cats. Here are some tips from Lawn Love gardening services in Orange County on how to keep cats out of your yard and damage from cats to a minimum.

Set Up A Permanent Litter Box Area

Keeping every stray cat in the neighborhood out of your yard is not a realistic goal. Some are going to slip through fencing or ignore other deterrents. Some even ignore dogs barking right in their faces. To limit where they toilet, make a permanent litter box in your yard. This litter box will be so convenient and attractive that they will leave the rest of your lawn and garden alone. First, dig a hole eight inches and either fill with peat moss or place a rubber tote filled with children's sandbox sand inside of the hole. Clean often while wearing gloves. Tell your Lawn Service to leave the spot alone.

Use Motion Detecting Water Sprinklers

Cats are usually not fond of being sprayed with water. Water sprinklers that only work when they detect motion helps scare cats away from your property. Talk to your Gardening Service to see if one can be installed in your neighborhood that uses as little water as possible. Sprinklers need to be turned off if the temperature suddenly plummets because the water will freeze inside of the sprinkler.

Clean Up Any Spilled Food

Cats are attracted to food they can get at easily. Can cats get into your garbage? Purchase heavy garbage cans with lids. If the lid still pops off easily, place a heavy stone or brick onto it to keep away curious cats. Do you have a bird feeder? Make sure spilled seed or nuts are cleaned up every evening. Bird seed and nuts attract mice, squirrels and other prey that cats hunt. If possible, stop feeding pets outdoors and only feed them indoors. Scattered pet food, even dog food, can attract stray cats.

Plant Scents Cats Hate

Cats are not fond of rue, citrus peel or rags soaked with perfume. Talk to your Mowing Service about what areas of the yard or garden get hit the most. Place these repellents around these areas to keep cats away. Cats also are not fond of the scents of pipe tobacco or used coffee grounds. Use these only if you do not have pets or children likely to eat these.